Assemblyman Michael J. Cusick

Total Fitness Challenge

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“We pledge to read together for at least 30 minutes each day and exercise during the months of July and August. For each day we read together we will post to our calendar.

For each day we exercise together we will mark the corresponding letter in that day’s box. I will also have my parent initial each day that reading and exercise are done.”

Total Fitness Challenge


Let’s Get Fit Together

Take action!

Getting active can help reduce these risks and we’ve listed some ideas for getting fit:


K – 8th Grade


A Swingset/Playground      5 points
B. Gardening (with parent)  5 points
C. Walking around the block (with parent) 5 points
D. Make a sandcastle 5 points
E. 25 jumping jacks 5 point
F. Bike riding/Skateboarding/Scootering 10 point
G. Soccer/Football/Baseball/Basketball/Hockey/Softball/Tennis 5 point
H. Jump rope  10 points
I. Hopscotch/Dancing   10 points
J. Tag/Manhunt 10 points
K. Jogging in place for 5 minutes 10 points
L. Swimming 10 points
M. Karate  10 points
N. Miniature golf 5 points
O. Bowling  5 points
P. Walking 5 points
Q. Jogging/Running (for 10 minutes) 10 points
R. Shoot 25 foul shots    10 points
S. 25 push-ups or 25 sit-ups or 25 curl-ups    10 points
T. Rollerblading/rollerskating 

U. TFC Activity Day Attendance Bonus Points


10 points

20 points


V. Miscellaneous _______________   5 points